iTero Imaging

Orthodontic Specialist, P.C. is proud to announce the introduction of the iTero oral scanning system! This revolutionary technology is a 3D intra-oral digital scanner which builds a computer-generated model of an orthodontic patient’s teeth.

One of the biggest complaints from patients is how orthodontic impressions have historically been taken. This new system eliminates the gooey oral paste entirely and leads to fewer patient visits during treatment. Orthodontic Specialist, P.C. is one of the very few offices in the Staten Island area to offer this leading edge technology.

Based on over 400,000 case studies, iTero has proven to:

  • Offer a better patient experience during the orthodontics setup process, especially with Invisalign
  •  The new scanning technology allows patients to view simulated outcomes of their orthodontic treatment before they start.
  • The 3D digital impressions are loaded into the simulator and the model of the teeth is moved and adjusted based on the scheduled treatment. This way patients can see in advance how their smile will look.
  • The iTero technology captures complete tooth images in a 3D format. A wand gently rests on teeth for easy scanning without discomfort.

Dr Michael Donato is a progressive orthodontist who invests in technology to increase our patient’s standard of care. We are proud to offer the iTero system exclusively to our patients in our Staten Island location.