Office Appointments

What to Expect

  • Laid back, relaxed environment without a hard-sell approach.
  • We believe that the doctor should be involved in every patient visit – especially the consult, records exam and set up.
  • We try hard to stay on time.
  • We empower patients to be involved in their treatment, through education, handouts, and attitude.


For scheduling appointments, you will speak to one of our friendly appointment coordinators, Jenny or Danielle. We will try to accommodate your scheduling needs as best we can. She can be reached by phone, text (718-987-7688) or

First Visit (Initial Consultation)

Nicole, our Treatment Coordinator, will welcome you into our consultation room and take a few photographs of your teeth. Nicole and Dr. Donato will perform a simple initial exam gathering information about your specific case. Then Dr. Donato will present your photographs; explain the nature of the orthodontic problem and length of treatment time. Following the Doctors exam, Nicole will outline the process of your treatment, fees and payment methods, Catherine our chief financial office will answer any insurance questions you may have. If treatment is indicated and accepted, an appointment for diagnostic records, (digital scan, photos, and radiographs) will be reserved for another day.

Second Visit (Diagnostic Records)

  • Digital Photos
  • Digital X-Rays
  • Digital Itero Scan
  • Comprehensive exam including oral, TMJ, head, and neck exam.
  • Separators placed if applicable.

Third Visit (Insertion)

Set up of brackets, Invisalign insert, appliance insertion or fitting for appliances.

Fourth Visit (Adjustments)

  • Typically every 6-8 weeks for braces
  • Typically every 8 weeks for Invisalign
  • Typically every 4-8 weeks for appliance Phase I Therapy

*If your third visit was fitting for a Phase I appliance you will receive your appliance on the fourth visit.