Meet the Doctors

Meet Dr. Michael J Donato

I look forward to going to work every day. The mood in the office is always light, fun, and upbeat because of the very nature of orthodontics! Everyone is excited to see their progress from one visit to the next. The time we spend with patients and their families over a 1-4 year period is a bonding experience for us all. Read more about Dr. Michael J Donato here.

Meet Dr. Nicolle Donato

Dr. Nicolle Donato graduated from Ursinus College with a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology with a minor in Music. She grew up visiting her father’s orthodontic office and somehow those adjustment appointments that took place in her dining room turned into a love of the dental profession. Read more about Dr. Nicolle Donato here.

Meet Dr. Mariah Pewarski

Dr. Mariah Pewarski is an orthodontist dedicated to crafting healthy, beautiful smiles for patients of all ages. She is currently working in our Brooklyn office. Dr. Mariah prioritizes building meaningful relationships with patients and their families, instilling confidence and self-assurance with every radiant smile she creates. Read more about Dr. Mariah Pewarski here.